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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kodabow People and What They Say

What Shooters Say ................
Sure --- we shoot crossbows a lot at our factory but here are the top three things we hear from shooters about Kodabow when they offer us their objective impressions.

#1 - Kodabow is amazingly accurate.
"When I when I went back and shot my other crossbow, I just could never duplicate the performance. I took my game to a whole new level. Great trigger."

#2 - Kodabow is quiet.
"Wow --- it is 50% ...maybe even 75% quieter than the bow I have been shooting."

#3 - The weight is nicely balanced on a Kodabow.
"I can pick up the bow in the middle and easily hold it with one hand. The weight is in the right places and it is easy to handle."

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