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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"High Speed - Low Drag" Deployment

So a Kodabow user takes his Kodabow apart for air travel and puts it back together when he gets to his hunting site. He calls in and says, "I have to hand it to you guys, I reassembled the bow and it was right on target - perfect."
Translation -- Kodabow precision.
It makes us think about how small can that crossbow package get ..... how small can the container be and ship with all the right stuff. Include at least a dozen arrows because we want to shoot when we arrive... not just look at a crossbow....... and wouldn't it be great if the the optics could stay mounted to the receiver to sustain high accuracy ....and we need to have all the accessories included like sling, cocking rope, spare bow string, stringing aid and broadheads.
Without trying too hard, the quick answer was a 7" x 7" x 21.5" rectangular box weighing about 10 lbs. That is the box sitting to the right of the crossbow in the photo above. We know we can make it even smaller. After mobilizing to the engagement area, open that box and 10 minutes later, be putting arrows on target. Yes --- 10 minutes. Perfect for the "high speed - low drag" operator. Complete. Ready.


  1. The stars on that vertically displayed flag should be in the upper left corner.

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