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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Hunter's Spirit

We know a hunter that can't wait to get into the woods. He enjoys good equipment and takes great pride in being proficient in all matters technical. He debates the advantages of different broadhead types and takes the time to practice to ensure he shoots with high accuracy.
He is now a Kodabow hunter. At our company, we anticipate hearing about his exploits in the field and we think he has equally enjoyed exchanging crossbow perspectives with us - sharing his knowledge and experience. Hunter's admire enthusiasm and skillful insight from one another.
This man just goes hunting and is very successful. Really an incredible gentleman as he goes about his business.
A hunter's spirit can be tested in many ways. Strong willed men and women will navigate the woods and simply overcome any challenges and take game.
We spoke on our cell phones the other evening as we were both leaving the woods.
It was a quick conversation. After all - it was after sunset. He told me he was halfway up on his mechanical lift maneuvering his motorized wheelchair into his vehicle.
He frequently hunts alone just like I do.