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Monday, November 29, 2010

Hunting with a Kodabow - Turkey Report

Here is a photo of a successful outing with a Kodabow .... and I certainly wish it was me that was pictured with this fine whitetail but the Kodabow HQ guys seem to be holding out for the time being and are now looking forward to the late winter Pennsylvania archery season.
We headed out Saturday for the final day of fall turkey season which is the artful game of finding the birds and then calling them back quietly as the birds reassemble. It has worked perfectly the last few years but we were shut down this weekend. First, the birds were not where we expected them to be. There was a bumper crop of acorns on the mountain and since food was everywhere, the birds were far less concentrated. The wild grapes seemed to have an off year so when we saw limited sign in that area, we knew it was going to be a long day. The second problem is that the warm weather kept several springs from getting iced up along side the mountain face so water was readily available everywhere.....in the past, by late November, there would be snow cover on the ground with limited water sources and the birds tended to move to flowing water early and late in the day. So in summary, the birds evaded us nicely and we will now look forward to Spring Gobbler season. Walking across the mountain while "still hunting" with my Kodabow highlighted one important Kodabow feature. The Kodabow crossbow has an indicator to show that an arrow is properly loaded. Sounds simple but why so important? It is easy to bump into some brush while walking through the woods and move the arrow down the rail. The end result on most crossbows is a "misfire"of some type and an arrow that does not go down range at the very moment that you need to be making a shot. I found myself frequently doing a visual "double check" by looking at the Kodabow indicator position whenever I moved through the thick stuff. Combine that load indicator feature with the very QUIET Kodabow safety mechanism and you have a very reliable hunting setup that addresses two areas critical for effectively taking game. The third critical area is finding the game.....obviously.