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Monday, January 10, 2011

Crossbow Marketing 101 - Avoid the Skunk

As we pulled out of the parking lot after the Archery Trade Association Show in Indianapolis this week, I reflected on how much of our success depends on getting our message out and putting our crossbow in user's hands. We never get tired about talking about Kodabow and that is an important character trait at a 3 day trade show.
Marketing is a big part of the archery industry and a lot of the marketing activity is pretty far removed from hunting and making crossbows. The trade show world is where TV celebrities, NASCAR race cars, large banners hanging from the ceilings and imaginative booths filled with bowls of candy communicate how terrific an archery product works. Our message was very simple.
Kodabow makes "common sense" hunting crossbows.
It means that every detail on our crossbow has been thought out ..... from where we attach the sling to how well the crossbow fits in your hand when sitting in a ground blind or stand. We spent 3 days showing attendees how small things all add up to make a huge difference. And when we shot the crossbow at the range, there were plenty of smiles. Now everything didn't work out absolutely perfectly in Indianapolis. We might have selected a better booth location.
Notes for the ATA Show 2012:
(1) Pay attention to the location of the Skunk Scent Company.
(2) Locate Kodabow booth at the opposite end of the convention center from Skunk Scent Company.
In two weeks or so, we will be in Harrisburg, PA. Beginning on 5 February at the Eastern Outdoor Sports Show ---- look for the Kodabow folks with the straightfoward message ... follow the skunk scent ...... and look for smiling faces.


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  2. Yeh, that skunk was nasty. You have a great bow though and it was a pleasure chatting with you.
    Best of all to you and your company,