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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last Day of the Season

13" inches of snow that made plenty of noise when walking, a light swirling wind
and a temperature cold enough to keep most critters hunkered down in their beds meant the opportunity to fill a doe tag would be long shot ..... and that is the way 2011 ended. Snow makes the outdoors special ..... following tracks of feeding deer aimlessly wandering in a general direction, noting how deer selected the best bedding areas --- a good time to be out. Overhanding logs or brush to shelter falling snow were ideal picks.... small bed equals a small deer but big bed and big tracks --- lets the imagination wander.

The biggest lesson of the year involved playing the wind correctly.

Light swirling winds were always a problem whether from the ground or a treestand. A good 10 mph or higher consistent wind from a single direction was always preferred and deer encounters increased accordingly. Nothing new there.

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