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Friday, January 21, 2011

Snakes and Antlers

A sunny day and I was high on a ridge in Wyoming glassing for mule deer across the burnt orange foothills.
More focused at 1,000 yards than the immediate surroundings, THERE IT WAS --- I somehow managed to walk up on a large rattlesnake that was now coiled no more that 5 inches from the toes of my hunting boots. Hunting alone, it should have ended right there but it wasn't my time.
The color of that snake is EXACTLY a "perfect match" to the Kodabow pictured above (right). We also decorated a bow with a brown deer skull antler pattern (left) and these crossbows not only shoot crazy good ---- they look a little edgy too. Kodabow will be at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show between 5 February and 13 February in Booth EB 313. Please stop by.
On another note, we visited with a dealer this week that very recently picked up his first Kodabow. It was a Koda-Express 185 lb crossbow - Black Night Weave. In the last few days, he was able to harvest a deer in Pennsylvania's late season with a quartering away shot that was a complete pass through. He also spent a lot of time on the range compiling extensive information about Kodabow performance with different arrows both at normal hunting distances as well as way out there distances. We will share that information here but the short version is, "wow, is that bow well built and accurate !" Be safe --- see you in Harrisburg, PA if you can make it. - Kodabow

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