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Monday, February 14, 2011

Inspired by a Business Card

Kodabow shot for 9 days straight at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show that ended yesterday. We sent about 1500 arrows downrange during the 9 day show from a single Koda-Express 185. No issues. None expected.
Met some great folks. We were limited to a 15 yard range distance and quickly realized that to make it all interesting, shooting at a target would become old pretty quick. Apples were too easy, marshmallows too sticky.... but small round Dum Dum lollipops emerged as a fun item to exercise the crossbow. We rarely missed. These pops are about the size of a dime and explode on impact. Whether young or old, experienced or not, most shooters went home with bare lollipop at the first Kodabow Eastern Outdoor Lollipop Shoot. Towards the end of the show, a nice gent comes to visit with a simple request. He said he has been walking around looking at different crossbows and simply wanted to actually see a crossbow shoot two arrows and have them fall next to one another. He indicated that he walked around the Show and just was not able to see that happen. We taped a Kodabow business card on the target and aimed at the small Kodabow logo in the upper left corner of the card. First arrow hits the logo. Second arrow goes in the same hole. We removed the tape and handed him the business card. The gentleman looked at us and said, "I finally found my bow. I'll buy one. Very nice." Whatever it takes! Shooting video from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show will be posted shortly.

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