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Friday, March 18, 2011

HUGE .... for some shooters

This is a picture of a Kodabow front end. If you own a Kodabow, you know about this "piece" because it required two bolts to attach these limbs during initial assembly of your crossbow in order to shoot. (We ship the limbs strung. If you purchase a Kodabow in box at your dealer, it only takes 2 bolts to put the crossbow together.)

The HUGE part is this.

(1) We maintain the same geometry across our complete line of crossbow offerings. (2) That means if you buy an additional front end at a different limb weight, you can use the same trigger group and the same rail to shoot both of your Kodabow front ends.

For example ..... a shooter could own a 200# limb set and change it out to a 155# limb set in about 60 seconds. Why? Some shooters enjoy a target set of limbs but prefer to hunt with a different set of heavier limbs. Lots of reasons. A complete Kodabow front end assembly sells for $299.99.
For years, shotgun hunters have enjoyed the interchangeable nature of owning a 12/20 gauge combination or a 20/28 gauge combination where a separate set of 20 ga. barrels could replace a 12 ga. set on the same receiver. This is the same concept.
And it is unique to Kodabow.

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