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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hunters, Friends and the "Meaning" of Kodabow

Pictured is a good friend, Jake, who passed away this month at the age of 14 years and 3 months. This photo was taken in his younger days. He was truly a dedicated partner and patiently taught everyone that he knew more about bird strategy than any two legged hunter could ever hope to learn.
Jake beat the average for Labrador Retreivers which is only 12 1/2 years on this earth - and was a remarkable hunter. The short lifespan of a dog is a difficult thing. Yes, we cried.

Sam is another Lab (not pictured) that hangs around the Kodabow offices and is a young 3 years old. He is related to Jake. If you have been with Kodabow at a trade show in 2011 or visited our West Chester, PA Kodabow facility, you know Sam! One day, we will sort out a method to hunt pheasants with a crossbow and a Lab and pass the knowledge along. Friends are important.

Here is some background. When we formulated a name for this crossbow company, we eventually were drawn to a Native American word for friend - and "Koda" was born. The rest is history. The intent was to build a crossbow that would be your "friend" in the field. A crossbow that could be depended upon to help you take game successfully. We strive to meet that objective and be a friend to counted upon. Recently, we had the chance to speak with several Kodabow owners (our friends) and here is what they told us. Their comments were so unusually terrific, we felt the need to share. Again, these are real Kodabow owners and the comments are totally unedited:

"Sometimes I put my Kodabow on my bed and just look at it."

"I love my Kodabow. Nobody has seen anything like it around here and nobody will ever take it from me."
"My son bought a Kodabow and shoots six arrows every day. I don't shoot mine so much but I like to watch my son and his friend, Bob, shoot their Kodabows."

"You don't find products made this way anymore. This crossbow will last forever. And I really like that it is made in the USA."
"Kodabow is a great crossbow and every chance I have, I push my friends towards this bow."

Yes, friends are important. Friends who hunt are truly special.
Enjoy your time together.
It all goes by so fast.

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