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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Targets & Crossbows Working Together

At Kodabow, we shoot crossbows all day long for product testing and development. A durable crossbow target is mandatory. Kodabow chooses Big Shot Targets for our indoor range and field demonstrations. The same need for proven performance is required at a target maker like Big Shot Targets.
Al Perelli (L) of Big Shot Targets needs a crossbow he can work hard and get "same hole consistency" to put his targets through their paces.
He chooses Kodabow.
Pictured with Al is Chuck Matasic (R) of Kodabow.
Chuck says "With Big Shot, we are able to remove arrows easily and it is truly a 2 finger pull. These targets can take a beating and keep going." Both Big Shot and Kodabow are headquartered in Southeastern Pennsylvania and share common interests in advancing the use of crossbows for hunting and cooperatively growing their businesses by delivering the best consumer products they can make. Kodabow Crossbows and Big Shot Targets working together!

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