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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Toss a Dog Two Biscuits ........

Toss two biscuits to a dog at once and most dogs will miss both of them most of the time. One biscuit is always caught on the fly time but get 2 in the air and the excitement of tracking the 2 inbound targets results in system overload and both biscuits fall to the floor.

The way Spring Turkey Season is supposed to work is to (1) find a male turkey and (2) call the male turkey over by sounding like a female turkey and (3) head home for a turkey dinner.

So here is how the story plays out. Instead of finding just a single turkey, this hunter hears two turkeys gobbling away. That is way better than just finding 1 turkey. Being a smart hunter, let's position about 140 yards out between the 2 birds and begin making the sounds of a lovesick hen. Logic says that 1 of these wise old longbeards will come our way. Amidst all the goobles, yelps and purrs, the next 1 minutes and 40 seconds results in both birds racing each other up the hill towards me on a direct collision course and appear to be destined to arrive simultaneously from their different directions. Much like the dog with two biscuits in the air, this hunter slowly moves to the bird on the right and then back to the bird on the left and then back to the bird on the right and finally with the surprise of a bird now at 10 yards, let's swing that way only to get busted but delay long enough to miss swinging back to the right and get totally busted as the 2nd bird tops a rock and is now also at 10 yards. Rookie mistake.

Busted two times by the 1 minute and 50 second point and both dog biscuits hit the floor.

The next time, just pick one bird. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Whoever said that was a turkey hunter.

(Pictured above is Kodabow Man - Mark Gurnee who shared opening day of Pennsylvania Turkey Season this past Saturday with Kodabow Man - Chuck Matasic who was watching dog biscuits in the air.)