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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crossbow Hunting with Confidence and a Kodabow

There is nothing more important than confidence in the field. When we first met Patrick Elswick, he simply said "I found about Kodabow, had a chance to shoot your crossbow, and I want to hunt with Kodabow."
He could have picked a number of different crossbow companies. At Kodabow, we see thousands of hunters and some have TV Shows. This was a unique individual. Patrick's sincerity and his background as a marksman in the USMC reflect a genuine nature and that is very much aligned with our Kodabow attitude. He holds nothing back . Although he hails from West Virginia, he will give you his viewpoint in a New York second. (That is very fast.) Patrick has faced many challenges no different than many returning servicemen who have battled in Iraq, Afghanistan and other remote parts of the world. He has a sense of maturity beyond his years that comes from taking a few hits on and off the battlefield. It all doesn't come out right away. Having breakfast at Tudor's Biscuit World in West Virginia (the name says it all!), Patrick communicates a quiet intensity about life in and out of the military. We are on the same wavelength.
Part of the story is behaving like there is "not much time." Get things done. Move fast. Build strong relationships. Patrick hunts that way. His partner, Jason Hanson, at Killbillies Outdoors http://www.killbilliesoutdoors.com/ shares the same level of maturity and passion that comes from knowing what you want to do. Jason was a Delta Airline pilot. These two men, both under the age of 30, now have a TV Show which is not earthshaking these days ..... but we think these men are special. We predict that you will be hearing a lot from Patrick and Jason in the years ahead.
We make our way to the Killbillies Headquarters. Apparently, it is not easy making a great TV Show. There appears to be a billion items to worry about. Versus and NBC have high standards and Patrick and Jason ensure that they meet the requirements. The schedule for filming and final editing is tight and good is never good enough. Everything is professional. Audio is reviewed. Small things get plenty of attention. Existing sponsors stay in touch and new sponsors are calling. The phone keeps ringing and it seems a lot of people want a piece of the Killbillies ---- folks in and out of the outdoor industry. These young men attract a fan base and local folks stop in and say hello while we visit. We step back a bit but quickly become engaged in the flow. "What do you think about this ?" is frequently heard. Even Sam, our Kodabow Labrador, is welcome and quickly settles in amidst all the action. We stop at a local sporting goods store and again, the welcome is West Virginia warm and a Killbillie archery hunt is planned with the retailer. One of the reasons that Patrick is smiling is that he has "confidence". He took a nice bear in Canada a few days earlier with the Kodabow that is on the table next to him. Jason worked the camera. They drove 14 hours straight to get to Northern Quebec. Move fast....get things done. Patrick and Jason hunted hard with Kodabow during the last year and that smile is all about confidence. We build a bow that will never let the Killbillies down. Patrick and Jason work hard -- everything is professional -- even their crossbow.

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