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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Little Leap of Faith

"Little Leap of Faith" might be required to select Kodabow amidst the numerous crossbow options that exist. We haven't been around forever .... but if it makes you feel better, know that a good percentage of our customers are very experienced and have been shooting brands in the past that have been around longer ---- but they choose us. A Kodabow is made to hunt with plain and simple. We ship them in a box that isn't real pretty. If we put a $3.00 label on the box, it won't help you hunt any better and it is $3.00 less value that goes into the crossbow. We won't change that plain brown box. There is one more thing we will never change. We will always have the time to speak with you and we will never rush through a conversation. A crossbow is investment and when you are spending a significant amount of dollars, you deserve answers. Kodabow is a business but it is also something more than that. We make products that hunters will take to the field and use to kill game animals. No other way to put it. We have a deep respect for that activity and we build a product that is worthy and equal to that task. Hopefully, you can see it and feel it in our crossbows. So when a guy like Richard who runs the Archery Department at Clyde's Sport Shop in Baltimore, Maryland tells us we make "one awesome crossbow" and chooses that product to take his game animal like he did this past Friday, we are rewarded on multiple levels. Rich was extremely happy with his success and the performance of our product. At Kodabow, we were just as happy as Richard knowing that one of our plain brown wrapper crossbows "born" in l'il ole West Chester, PA went out and did its job.