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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ground Stands vs. Tree Stands

Imagine a deer glancing in the brush looking for the deadly serious Kodabow hunter.
When it's hard to pick out the human shape --- you have unlocked the secret of selecting a high performance ground stand.
It is official. You can get a lot closer to deer on the ground than you ever will from being up in a tree. Close is 3 feet ---- probably too close but when everything works, be prepared for many memorable close encounters. After spending hours in both trees and natural ground blinds, it is evident that ground blinds offer many advantages that are often overlooked. After the leaves have fallen in late fall, treestand hunters can be seen hanging exposed at great distances. Give me a good ground blind or deadfall instead.
1- It is easier to shoot more accurately from a ground blind. Notice how this hunter is using the tree trunk as a natural rest. Any shot will not be at a severe downward angle. Unfortunately, many treestand shooters (who only practice on level ground) do not make the required correction for shooting from an elevated position. They miss until they learn the hard way that "practice" means shooting under expected field conditions.
2 - In the picture, the hunter is set up overlooking a field and several deer paths but his feet and hands are well hidden and slight movement is undetected. He can make minor adjustments during the day without detection. His position is comfortable and he can remain alert for hours. He made very little noise when he silently slipped into position in the morning.
3 - Tree stands have their place and always use proper safety precautions when you go up but the point of this article is that you do not need to hunt in a treestand 100% of the time. A crossbow provides many options. And some days, it is just not attractive to haul in the climber and finally get up 25 feet only to accidentally drop your backpack, release or grunt call. Note: The stand in this picture would be less useful for a vertical bowhunter because there is simply no room to draw the vertical bow in the deadfall. Conversely, it is an ideal crossbow stand.
4 - Using an aerosol like "Buck Bomb" or equivalent (selling for about $9.00) to lightly spray leaves and bushes in the immediate vicinity of the ground stand can help mask human scent. A few sprays will knock down human odor significantly and deer will travel on the nearby established routes without alarm.
5 - The hunter has selected this stand for an early morning hunt with the sun at his back which helps him hide in the shadows. A face mask is a key component of his hunting gear.
Enjoy your Kodabow .... and use the flexibility of your Kodabow to explore new hunting methods that you might may have not fully considered.


  1. I know there is the ground advantage for using a ground stand, such as more accurate shooting angles and using a tree trunk as a natural rest either for a rifle or bow. However, I prefer a tree stand because it offers more aerial benefits, especially when using a bow. Check out some unique stands/blinds here: http://wildernessmastery.com/hunting/bow-hunting-stands.html