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Friday, January 13, 2012

Archery Trade Show - 2012

Kodabow just returned from the 2012 Archery Trade Show held this week in Columbus, Ohio. (January 2012)
We had a great show. This is an "industry show" and is primarily attended by the media, manufacturers, dealers and distributors. It is an opportunity to stand on a carpet for 8 hours a day over three days. Deer hunting in 50 mph winds in a 40 foot high treestand is easier. As an attendee, we opted to have a shooting lane as well as a booth. Many dealers were seeking out Kodabow looking to add Kodabow to their stores .......and in many cases, they were replacing existing big name crossbow lines. You will see these dealers in 2012. Our reputation as a quality and dependable US crossbow maker is growing fast.

Thank you to Big Shot Targets for supplying us with their new range target for the three day event. (Very nice and VERY LARGE target that we avoided hauling around.) On the shooting line, if we had a dime for every time someone said this Kodabow trigger is "the best crossbow trigger available", we would have about $10.50 which is a lot of dimes when you think about it.

There were 513 companies attending ATA and just over 60 companies were new exhibitors so there were plenty of booths up and down the aisles and things to see. There is a company --- their name we can't remember but their tag line we cannot forget.
We say "Strike with Deadly Precision".
They say "The Worth of Transcend. Time and Space." Who can argue with that.

One big improvement over last year was our location -- last year, we were across from the skunk scent company. Not good. Kodabow is moving up in the world so we had clean air in 2012. Some manufacturers show products a little ahead of their time at ATA and every once in awhile, these bows don't work so well on the shooting line and quickly and covertly disappear never to be seen again. Loud noises are not good. It is OK. Things happen.

We enjoy the the writers and editors --- this should be no surprise but in some settings, a large amount of paid advertising by a company results in a very favorable magazine product review regardless of actual product performance. (Didn't someone say you can't believe everything you read?) Other editors tell it straight up. Those editors are better. We think there are about 500 outdoor TV Shows on various networks now and it seems like everyone is filming their hunts. We sponsor two young men who host a show called Killbillies Outdoors. They are a lot of fun to be around. If you have some free time, start your own TV Show and stop by the Kodabow booth next year. Everybody needs work so that is how the game is played.

We enjoy talking with attendees and dealers since they visit from all over the US and overseas. Competitors are also always nosing around comically acting "as if they are not nosing around." We suppose it is better to have the competitor companies show interest in Kodabow technology than if they all walked past without stopping. They all stop. It is nice to be noticed. One competitor engineer was pulling our Kodabow pretty hard thinking we must have designed the world's worst trigger. Eventually, he figured out that he still had the crossbow on SAFE. We say nothing in these situations .... well...maybe a "Mmmmm". Look for a Kodabow ATA video that we will post shortly. Glad to be back and off the carpet. Looking forward to the Eastern Outdoor Sports Show next -- February 4th. See you there.