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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to shoot 2,000 Crossbow Arrows

2,000 arrows fired at the Eastern Sports Show! Ask anyone who visited with Kodabow at this very large trade show that just wrapped us this week. 2,000 arrows --- and it required 9 days of straight shooting and we did it with a single crossbow. Zero issues.
We had a chance to talk with a lot of hunters. Here is one of the best lines.
One gent told us the following about the brand of crossbow he owned: "My dealer said I shouldn't shoot my crossbow a lot. He said the crossbows they make today are really meant to be shot a few times and then only hunted with. If you shoot too much, you will have problems with the limbs, cams and cables." That is not the type of product we make at Kodabow. You get what you pay for. Sadly, sometimes you might not even get that. Reminds us of an old Linda Ronstadt song that says something about how bad you feel if you ever were taken for money. We have a lot of confidence in our product. As shown in this photo, we would not shoot with your kids if we didn't also shoot with our own children. A Kodabow is built to hunt and the bow will stand up to hard use. A Kodabow hunter told us he actually ran over his Kodabow with his truck after forgetting it was leaning against one of his wheels. No issues except a slightly bent stirrup. Several hunters drop their Kodabow crossbows from their treestands and we hear those stories. "The bow banged its way down the metal steps but what was amazing is that it still shot accurately." One very nice lady dropped her Kodabow from her treestand but was embarrassed and reluctant to mention the mishap to her husband until after she bagged her deer.
At this trade show, we banged our limb ends into the floor and then fired off an arrow. You would never do that with a cam bow or most recurves because the limb ends are relatively fragile on most bows. We had huge crowds who listened to our presentations on how to safely carry your crossbow in the woods (Answer: Kodabow EL-2 Sling) or how to finish your hunt safely by unloading your crossbow into the ground, discharge target or using the Kodabow Decocking Aid. We also provide advice on good shooting practices such as ..... Never placing your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot. We find that about 60% of all shooters at these trade shows immediately put a finger on the trigger when they first pick up a crossbow. This is how accidental discharges happen with handguns, rifles and even crossbows. 40% of the shooters have good shooting habits and check the safety status of the crossbow, get a good sight picture and then only address the trigger. More often than not, it is the young shooters who have been properly trained that do the best and actually shoot most accurately. The kids listen very well. If you have the chance, get the Kodabow Experience.


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