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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kodabow Crossbow News

9 days straight ..... 2000 arrows ..... zero issues.
A gentleman purhased a Kodabow the other day.
He already owned a crossbow but fell out of love with that bow saying it just wouldn't shoot accurately for him. He did plenty of research and thought Kodabow would be his next crossbow. After shooting a Kodabow at 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards..... he was all smiles. Many Kodabow shooters have owned other crossbows before selecting Kodabow.

At the recent Eastern Outdoor Sports Show, we shot a single crossbow for 9 days straight. After 2,000 arrows went down range, we were still knocking out the bullseyes - no problems.
What was nice was seeing all the Kodabow shooters who stopped by to say hello .... and they told how much they enjoyed their Kodabow during the recent Fall hunting season.
A competitive shooter sent us a note. He said "I can hit 3 to 4" groups at 60 yards, hand cocked and stood up which impresses me greatly." So this gent is shooting offhand and handcocking a 125 lb Alpha Strike because that is the nature and rules of his competition and doing very well.
Kodabow began shipping our Koda-Crank Mechanical Cocking Aid this month. They sell for $169.99 and are worth every penny. Here is a photo in assembly right before the units are strung up with rope and hooks. Customers often call and ask us "what is your best bow?" Around the Kodabow shop, Mark is a fan of the 185 lb. Koda-Express. Mark likes the way the crossbow cocks (easy) and the way it shoots at bowhunting distances to 50 yards. Brad shoots a Koda-Express as well. Chuck is a fan of the 200 lb. Bravo Zulu because the way the ballistics match up with the 4 reticle scope ..... 6 aiming points 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards. Kodabow sells more 185's and 200's followed by the 225 Big Rhino. Alpha Strike crossbows are lighter weight and typically used for special applications such as recreational and target shooting. The 155 lb crossbows are temporarily sold out but that will be remedied shortly.
Do you check your carbon arrows before shooting? You really should follow the manufacturer's suggestions and flex your shafts before shooting to check for cracks or damage. Unfortunately, most shooters do not do this which can result in a small carbon explosion at firing. One way damage can occur is an arrow impacting a hard object in a target like another shooter's field point left behind when the insert glue failed. By the way, we use Big Shot Targets on our commercial range and think they are great value. Big Shot Target's owner, Al Perelli, uses a Kodabow on his target testing facility. Why? Kodabow has proven to be the only crossbow that holds up to high use rates without failure during target testing. Think we are kidding. Call Al and ask him at http://bigshottargets.com/ Like we said..... 9 days straight.
Get ready for Spring Turkey hunting with your Kodabow. Be safe.
Thank you for supporting our business --- from your friends at Kodabow.

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