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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Target Shooting in the UK

We  started following the shooting exploits of a new Kodabow target shooter in the United Kingdom. He shared a story with us that we found very interesting and we decided to print his narrative in full detail.
Thank you Sean  - congratulations on your finish!

"It's a windy wet Saturday morning and I'm driving down to the practice range which is set in 60 acres of glorious woodland, with rolling hills open scrub and hard wood trees abundant. As I pull up I see my shooting buddy with his crossbow, mmm this is going to be fun I'm thinking. After exchanging the usual pleasantries and several cups of coffee later I retrieve my Kodabow from the car,"there's something different about you bow"shouts Denis "but I can't put my finger on it",oh yes there was something different alright, I had fitted a red dot scope hoping that it would improve my scores. Sighting in didn't take too long, and the result seemed quite respectable,I was able to shoot groups of 2 inches at 60 yards.

Unfortunately over here in the U.K.we are not allowed to hunt with a bow,so the nearest we get is to shoot 3d's, we do score in a similar way to yourselves, all our targets are at unmarked distances, 20 points for a first arrow kill with an extra 4 points for an inner kill,14 points for a second arrow kill or 8 points for a third arrow kill.
16 points for a first arrow wound,10 points for a second arrow wound and finally 4 points for a third arrow wound. The whole reason for trying to be as accurate as possible is because I decided to enter myself into the N.F.A.S. (National Field Archery Society) 3d championships, which is next week This is the biggest championships I have entered with over 650 archers attending.

After we finish walking around the woods shooting the club course of 20 targets,it has become quite apparent that the red dot sight has its advantages over a telescopic sight with no obvious parallax, combined with the accuracy of the Kodabow I hope I have a winning combination. After more coffee and a discussion over the performance of our two crossbows we say our goodbyes and go our respective ways.

Finally day one of the champs and there's lots of interest in my bow as no one has ever seen anything like it, I am paired up with 4 other archers 2 crossbows and two compounds, the siren goes off for the competition to start.10 targets in the kodabow and red dot combination are working fantastic, a perfect score, the next 10 I have dropped 4 points,great I'm thinking could be in with a good finish,some of the top crossbow archers in Europe are here competing.

Crunch I open my eyes and all I can see is blue sky,then the pain in,I've tripped over on the undergrowth and twisted my back and neck. As I compose myself again,I pick my bow up which had been thrown out of the path of my fall, check it over,and continue to shoot, however it is now painfully to cock and my scores are beginning to drop. After a hard days shooting (40 targets in all) in 8 hours it's off to the tent for food and painkillers.

Day two and it raining no pouring down,the scores are posted and I'm sitting in 7th place only 20 points behind the ex European champion with everything to play for, but my backs still sore from the fall,even after taking painkiller that morning.
Rain rain rain and more torrential rain but the Kodabow's shooting like it's on fire. About an hour and a half into the shoot and the sight starts to steam up"OH NO IT'S NOT WATERPROOF", gradually there is nothing visible through the sight only the dot and lots of white fog, I continue shooting but my scores are suffering, finally it's over.
There had been over 100 retirements due to equipment failure In the rain.

We finished in the top 10 not to shabby for someone with a sore back and fogged up scope. This is a testament to Kodabow it never once let me down after being thrown on the floor and soaked in the rain it still shot true it was only let down by myself and the accessories I fitted.

It's a week later and I have a new red dot fitted a waterproof one this time and we are again a winning team,me,red dot and Kodabow."