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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Iron Sights on Crossbows"

 Iron Sights ? Not really ...... the first thing you notice is the new KodaBRO Sight contains a lot more high tech gadgetry than what your dad had on "Old Bessie." 
This is a fiber optic sight with four crossbow aim points calibrated for 30- 40 - 50 - 60 yards using our Kodabow Magnum arrows and a 200 lb Bravo Zulu. The 225 Big Rhino will shoot slightly flatter and the Koda-Express 185 will require a small adjustment to shoot just a touch high at 30 yards to hit the remaining extended range marks.
The sight uses a rear peep and is specifically built to mount and be used on a Kodabow. In the production phase, we decreased the size of the overall rear peep mass and mounted it lower. We also doubled up the mounting screws that hold the sight to the rail because that is how we do things at Kodabow. The rear peep is where elevation and windage adjustments occur. The optic colors are Green - Yellow - Red - Green. The "BRO" part stands for Bad River Outdoors who teamed up with Kodabow on the production of this sight. We shot 2" groups at 50 yards and the experts at BRO shot 2" groups at 60 yards with a Kodabow so it was a green light all the way. Here is exactly what you can expect when using this sight. These observations are after extensive testing with the initial prototype and then the first actual production model coming off the line which incorporated several changes. Upon receipt, we promptly mounted the production sight on a crossbow and went out shooting and then on an evening hunt. First, the sight is accurate. You can expect to hit a 2" to 3" bull at hunting distances and fine accuracy is governed by your personal ability to align the rear peep with the front sight.
This is what the sight picture looks like from the rear of the crossbow. 

Sighting takes a little practice as compared to a regular scope but will come naturally to shooters who have used a peep sight on a vertical bow or learned to use open sights on a firearm. You can hunt with high confidence that your KodabBRO crossbow shots will hit the heart/lung vitals every time with a properly placed shot. There is also an accessory feature which mounts on the front sight (not shown) for determining range to deer and elk so the sight can also be used for range finding. As sunset arrived, light rain moved in and what would have been a hassle with a regular scope was a non-event for the KodaBRO. It is an all weather sight. The deer were not moving in the rain but I patiently waited for the last minute of legal shooting time which was 30 minutes after sunset. The final test was to determine (in actual hunting conditions) whether the fiber optic gathered enough light to clearly see the aim points in the last 30 seconds of legal shooting. Yesssiree! I could see all 4 sight points.
It was just as expected. I would have made the shot if the deer were more cooperative. Granted, I was hunting a field edge where there was possibly more ambient twilight than in the thick woods but I could still see the sight markers well past shooting time because of the wound fiber optic cables designed for maximum light capture. This is a perfect solution where hunters require a non-magnifying sight for legal reasons or just prefer the simplicity of a well made,  rugged, lightweight fiber optic sight that is foolproof in its design.  First shipments head out this week and the sight sells for $189.99.