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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alpha Strike Target Bows

Target Shooting in the United Kingdom
Alpha Strike bows are the lightest bows Kodabow makes and span a draw weight range between 125 lbs and 155 lbs.
The objective is to make a crossbow that is easy to cock by hand (or real easy using a cocking rope) but can still deliver respectable speeds. In some competitive shooting events, cocking a crossbow by hand is required and most shooters will use gloves. 
For hunting purposes, these bows are considered light but noting that for years and especially prior to the 1980's, arrow speeds were around 170 fps or lower, these target bows are relatively 'fast' depending on perspective. The Alpha Strikes will shoot between 250 and 272 fps with a 350 grain arrow and would have no issue taking deer size game animals to 35 yards in a very effective manner. It is archery after all and we depend on the razor sharp broadhead to do the work. In lighter weight bows, mechanical broadheads are not a wise choice since a portion of the arrow's energy is expended to open the moving parts of the broadhead. A cut on contact head like the Hellrazor would be a better choice. Read about Hellrazors in our Kodabow Online Store. It is imperative that broadheads be razor sharp before use. 
By nature, these crossbows are used in specialized applications such as target work or when the tremendous power of higher weight crossbows are deemed unnecessary.
They are fun to shoot at moderate ranges. And because a Kodabow uses the same platform for all limb weights, a hunter could own a Big Rhino or Bravo Zulu and just pick up an extra  set of AlphaStrike limbs ($175) and change them out when desired. It would be similar to having a 12 ga. and .410 ga. shotgun on the same platform. Kodabow stocks two limb colors --- Black Night Weave and Camo Alpha Strike limbs. 

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