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Monday, July 22, 2013

Changing Lives

In the archery business, you gain many perspectives on how arrows and bows can change people's lives.  
Last week, we received a very nice letter from a Kodabow owner and archery instructor who was working with young people. It was very positive. The story was simple. Imagine a group of youngsters casting arrows downrange with vertical bows.  In the youth group, one youngster was on the sidelines unable to pull back any bow with hands that have seen too many corrective surgeries. 
Left out.
We are certain it happens a lot. 
More watching than doing.
The instructor goes to his truck and pulls out his Kodabow and places it in the hands of the young man. The other kids step back with curiosity and watch as an arrow sails downrange smack in the middle of the target. Cheers erupt. So loud - I think we heard them back in West Chester, PA. The young man learns to cock the crossbow by himself and now has a ticket to a new opportunity. The instructor tells us about the excitement, hope and optimism. In a place where hunting is a way of life, getting into the game can be very important.  
As an archery instructor, you learn that archery can provide abundant lessons with a direct connection to daily life. Virtues like patience, discipline and focus require development and attention. Today, I think the opportunities to engage young people are not as frequent as in years past. The iPhone, text messages and other distractions can quickly kick in. But there always seems plenty to talk about when the conversation turns to arrows and bows. How are the vanes put on? Why do some arrows have feathers? How can I shoot better? How does a hunter shoot a caribou? How close do I need to be? In a world that is increasingly devoid of adventure, archery can make dreams come true.


  1. The one skill that exposed me to hunting is archery. Bow shooting is fun, especially when one is trained by a professional as well as experienced archery instructor. Do you guys have any DIY bow making ideas that you can share? I found a few here: http://wildernessmastery.com/hunting/how-to-make-a-hunting-bow.html