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Sunday, January 19, 2014


100% Genuine and Authentic is a huge compliment when dealing with people or products.  
At Kodabow, it is our culture to be straightforward and we are rewarded with customers who feel very positive about our company and product. This was in an email this morning and is pretty normal around here.

"Just dropping a note to let you guys know I got my new Bravo Zulu and I love it! I opened the box Tuesday night and it just screamed quality when I started taking it out of the box. I am very impressed with the fit and finish of the bow. I started shooting it in my basement after assembly. The trigger is awesome, so much better than my other crossbow (--deleted---) I bought this bow sight unseen never handled one until I took it out of the box. I am glad I made the purchase! You guys make a beautiful crossbow. A few deer in 3C Susquehanna County are in trouble this coming fall season. Hope to see you guys at the Harrisburg Show next month. - Bob D."

We just returned from the SHOT Show 2014 and with the explosive growth in the firearms business, the Show is "over the top" more than ever with tremendous booths, glitz and Las Vegas glitter. Many attendees have T-Shirts that say things like "Special Operation Group" or come dressed with combat boots and sharp tactical pants appearing ready to rappel from the nearest helicopter. But the front lines are a long way from the Vegas strip. The realization is that many of these guys never had a day of military service or never worked for one of the 3 letter agencies. They are not authentic in the true sense of the word but it is all part of the Show and why not be part of it. (By the way, none of the real spec ops types I meet ever dress this way. The wear jeans, a plaid shirt and loafers - go figure.) But if you scratch the surface, you can still find authenticity like Kelly Glenn-Kimbro. We spent time with Kelly in the Ruger booth where she has reigned as the "Ruger Girl" for 25 years. She and her husband, father and daughter run a ranch in Arizona along the Mexican border. Their land goes right to the border fence. They have mules and dogs and are world famous for their mountain lion hunting adventures. Search the internet and the operation is described as the "real deal." The 10 day hunting experience is authentic and Kelly and her family know their stuff based on both their success and their client's reviews. She is a lady who can deliver the goods with a revolver - 4 inch barrel please -- or shoot a mountain lion on the run with her rifle. Give her a Scout rifle in .308 and she will show you a few things. Listen deeper and the changing life and realities of the Malpais become clear. Malpais is a Spanish word for badlands and this is where the big cats roam that go to 150 lbs. Things changed in 1978 when the first drug smuggler was caught crossing their ranch lands. Today, 36 years later, the Border Patrol catches drug runners nearly every day on the ranch as they make their way North to the US through the mountains and gulches. Every once in awhile, the running dogs, racing mountain lion and Kelly with her hunters riding mules accidently intersect with a drug smuggler and as the drug guys drop their load and run, they must be thinking about the spectacle and their bad luck. They must surely wonder what the heck they just ran into. It is pleasant to be around folks like Kelly who are genuine.

The civilian market follows the trends in military weapons and clothing and the SHOT Show is packed with products that had their origins in military use. We have adapted some of these products for use on the Kodabow with great success but the Kodabow is not a military weapon.  That would not be authentic. It is simply a great hunting tool and as one dealer told us recently, "everything my customers aim at with a Kodabow ends up on the ground dead."  We believe we make a genuine product and in the end, being authentic is important.  See you at the NRA Show!