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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Making an Impression

Chuck (L) & Kyle (R) with the big smile!
Trade shows are a big part of the outdoor industry. Since the same vendors see each other frequently over many years, friendships are formed. A year or so ago, Kodabow attended a show in Maryland at a County Fairgrounds. Instead of staying in a hotel room and with Sam, our Labrador in mind, we thought it would be fun to "camp" at the site. It was 8 PM and while walking the dog, Chuck came upon a backpack in a field adjacent to the Show Hall. No one was around. Folks were at dinner or headed to their hotels and the Fairgrounds were now deserted. There was no identification on the bag so Chuck pulled the zipper open and saw hundreds and hundreds of dollar bills.  (There was actually $15,000 in the bag.) Well ...with nothing to be done for the moment, Chuck and Sam turned in for the night and stowed the bag safely in the truck. Around 11 PM, there were voices and activity in the field. Chuck and Sam headed over and found Kyle frantically walking around in the dark and asked him what was up. Kyle was a vendor at the Show selling trail cameras. He said that he and his brother had lost a bag of checks and receipts from the last few trade shows they had attended on the show circuit. They had been looking around all night since they realized at dinner they lost their money. They were both very, very devastated. Chuck reached in his truck and handed them the backpack as they stared in disbelief. Whenever these boys see Chuck, they always yell out --"Hey Kodabow - we love you!) $15,000 is a lot of money. An event like that makes a long lasting impression. 
Channing from Alabama shooting a Kodabow.

We like tradeshows for one reason. Folks get to meet us and shoot our crossbow. We then get emails like this one from Jeff.

Dear Kodabow,
 I have been shooting all the top brand crossbows for a few months and thought I had found the perfect crossbow until I shot the Kodabow at the sportsman show in Harrisburg. I couldn’t believe a crossbow could be so accurate or be built with such quality. I got the bow home and showed it to my wife and then just sat and stared at it that night for a while until my wife said, “I’m going to bed. You need to make a decision, me or the bow”. I’m not stupid. I went to bed.  Jeff

Jeff made the right decision. Keep the spouse happy! At the recent Great American Outdoor Show in PA, we shot a single crossbow for 9 days straight. (Two weekends and 5 days in between.) We couldn't help but notice that there wasn't much crossbow shooting going on in other booths. More talk --- less shooting. Much less. Folks noticed and told us .... "Kodabow is shooting more than all the other companies combined."   Keep that in mind if you are thinking about a crossbow. 
Long after the trade show marketing chit chat is a distant memory, a crossbow needs to shoot and be reliable. An event like that makes a long lasting impression.