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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do You Ever Write the Company?

Most folks don't take the time to write companies except when things go bad.  Real bad. Like an airline losing your hunting gear right before your 10 day Wyoming hunting trip. it is understandable. People are busy.
That's me with a Kodabow and a Spring Gobbler.  
Fact is many companies today just don't care. We get pissed off as consumers and write a letter. At Kodabow, we care. No company is perfect but we try really hard and it shows. Candidly, I am constantly amazed at how MANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS WRITE US and simply say THANK YOU FOR MAKING A GREAT PRODUCT.  I've personally owned some great outdoor equipment over the years from firearms to fly rods --- I never was so positively moved with the product to write the company. I have worked at or been around companies that have made some great stuff -- never have I seen letters like the ones we receive at Kodabow. Happens all the time. We never tire of reading and appreciating the sentiments expressed. We can only say thank you. You get it. You understand what we are doing, why we do it and how we work at the challenge of building great crossbows every day. Thank you.
Here is a letter that came in this evening.

Dear Kodabow, 
I received my bow about a week (or maybe two) ago.  I'm not an experienced crossbow guy.  Long time firearms guy but my days as a young laddie buck with my dad's fiberglass, recurve out in the backyard are way behind me.
Everything about the transaction was an absolute pleasure.  Heck, even dropping 900 samolies worked out well (though I sold a TC Encore to fund this baby).  I did my research over and over and went to Cabelas and looked at the competition (over and over) and finally decided to go with Kodabow, sight unseen, and lacking experience in crossbows in general.  I finally realized that if I didn't buy a Kodabow, I would develop and itch that I couldn't scratch until I broke down and did buy one (to thine own self be true).  What a great move on my part.  I've inspected this bow countless times (and shot it as well, no worries) and I can't find a single point in the design of the bow that provides a "ah, I wish they'd have not done this" moment.  I believe that you've attained the goal; It's pretty much perfect.  As a US based manufacturer, you boys should be very proud.  What a fine experience for me.  There's somebody still out there that can match a 68' Buick Wildcat in form, function, quality, simplicity (look it up, it was a hell of a car).
The extras that you included are greatly appreciated and a complete surprise.  As you know, nobody does something like that these days.  I'm fairly stunned and I thank you.  I'll be pestering you in the coming months for more stickers, but not without an order so you've got something to ship it in.
My wife wants one, of course of lesser umpf.  My neighbors wife does as well.  I haven't shown the bow to anyone that isn't completely impressed.  Simple quality is a lost art guys, and you've brought it back.
OK, enough babbling. Turkey season opens in a few weeks.  I will not hesitate in trashing your inbox so please expect it randomly. I've never written a "thanks" to a manufacturer of any product that I've purchased but you guys are a different bunch and you make it quite easy.  Thanks again and thank you for your service......G.M. - (Full name withheld by Kodabow)
BTW, I now realize why one should never send a second arrow to the same bull.  I didn't shatter the first shaft but it was close enough to send me the message.  Tough problem to have I guess.

Thank you for the nice letter. G.M. is right! April and May signal turkey season. Good luck out there and may the big gobblers hear your calling! 
My best,  Chuck at Kodabow